Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF), a Toronto base Think Tank is determined to curb Anti-Semitism in Islamic Centres of Canada with the help of over one hundred secular progressive Muslims and partner Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations and individuals. CTF has formed and announced a first ever ten members “Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism (MCAAS)” in Mississauga on November 18, 2012. This committee shall be a watchdog body on Anti-Semitic issues prevailing in Islamic Centres of GTA, Islamic ethnic press and public spheres. This is an ongoing move to curb Anti-Semitism within Muslim community.

Unfortunately, there is so much direct and indirect Anti-Semitism under the guise of phrases such as “Zionist Media”, “Zionist Plans” or “Israel – an apartheid State”.

Also there are numerous “Holocaust Denial Theories & Stories” in our media, speeches and talks etc.

As Canadians, we need to address those negative connotations and racist portraits.

As Canadians, we need to reject “Holocaust Denial Theories & Stories” through workshops, seminars, conferences and research study projects.

“Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism” shall work with the Islamic Schools and Muslim ethnic media in order to eliminate such negative portraits.

The Committee shall arrange seminars, conferences and study projects with Muslim Ethnic Press, Muslim Youth and Muslim Student organizations in terms of creating broader awareness for not using such phrases in negative tones and other negative connotations and direct or indirect Anti-Semitism.

CTF happened to talk with some of the traditional Islamic centres in GTA and they are willing to work along with CTF against Anti-Semitic related issues in their spheres.

CTF is already working on a notable “Pilot study project on issues related to Anti-Semitism in Islamic Schools and Centres” In the wake of our findings in terms of prevailing Anti-Semitism in Islamic Centres and Schools in Greater Toronto area, CTF recommend.

The following measures to follow:

 1- CTF’ MCAAS should always keep its eyes open and ears tuned to prevailing and growing Anti-Semitism in Islamic Schools and Centres.

2- CTF shall work around the clock on research projects related to anti-Semitic issues.

 3- CTF should advise, invite and engage traditional Islamic organizations in programs related to fight against anti-Semitism.

4- CTF is willing to take legal actions against those Islamic groups that go unleashed in issues related to anti-Semitic hatred.

5- As CTF understands that there is so much visible and invisible Anti-Semitism in some of the Islamic circles of Canada so it’s more appropriate to hold seminars, workshops and conferences in order to educate Muslim Student Organizations and Islamic groups against Anti-Semitism.

6- CTF needs to counter Anti-Semitism in Canadian Muslim Language ethnic media, periodicals, Pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, Radio and TV shows, Websites, Social websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

7- CTF aims at creating broader awareness of Holocaust Studies and Anti-Semitic related issues through major Muslim language cyber spaces including the social website in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian, etc.

8- CTF aims to arrange meet up events between Muslim and Jewish organizations. In Canada we live together and we get opportunity to know each other. And we know that Jews are best friends of Muslims as we share so much with each other. So we need to fight that stereotype hate what we call Anti-Semitism.

Already other communities around the globe are fighting Antisemitism. Now it is Muslims’ turn to contribute in that regard. It’s actually in the interest of Muslim community to leave all sorts of stereotypes behind because all such hindrances are impeding our pace in 21st Century.

CTF also look forward to your donations & financial support for our study projects such as ”Growing Islamic Radicalization”& “How to curb Anti-Semitism in Canada”

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