CTF Aims to work at (Precisely):

Study Reports regarding new Immigrants’ impact after 2000

Study Reports regarding Canadian Refugee Reforms

Study Reports regarding complexities of Multiculturalism

Study of growing Islamic radicalization in Canada

Introduce measures to deradicalize  Muslim Youths in Canada

Study of dilemmas of ideologies (right and left) in our rational age

Inter-community and Inter-faith interactions

Helping Policy makers to counter extreme left and Islamists’ propaganda tactics

CTF shall always keep its eyes open and ears tuned to prevailing and  growing Antisemitism in Islamic Schools and Centres

CTF shall work around the clock on research projects related to anti-Semitic issues

CTF should advise, invite and engage traditional Islamic organizations in programs related to fight against Antisemitism

As CTF understands that there is so much visible and invisible Antisemitism in some of the Islamic circles of Canada so it’s more appropriate to hold seminars, workshops and conferences in order to educate Muslim Student Organizations and Islamic groups against Antisemitism

CTF needs to counter Antisemitism in Canadian Muslim Language ethnic media, periodicals, Pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, Radio and TV shows, Websites, Social websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

CTF aims at creating broader awareness of Holocaust Studies and Anti-Semitic related issues through major Muslim languages websites in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian, etc

CTF aims to arrange meet up events between Muslim and Jewish organizations as well as Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other faith communities

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