Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF) & MUSLIM COMMITTEE AGAINST   ANTISEMITISM arranged a Audience and Salomon, author of The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, on April 21, 2013 at Promenade Gallery, 943 B Lakeshore Road East Mississauga.


This was a part of a series of seminars, study meetings and conferences arranged by Canadian Thinkers’ Forum in order to introduce Muslims about fundamentals of Israel history and the struggle of Jewish people


The event was moderator by Tahir Gora.

Asma Mahmood introduced the presenter and the presentation.


Other Participants:

1)      Mr. Arshed Bhatti, A well known Pakistani artist

2)      Ms. Meena Chopra, artist, poet and CEO Shehnai Radio

3)      Mr. Bhupinder Virdi, Editor StarBuzz

4)      Mr. Moeen Siddiqui, CEO Rawal TV

5)      Ms. Nasim Syed, Poet, writer & Director Urdu Canadian Writers’ Forum

6)      Mr. Munir Pervaiz, Poet,writer & Director Progressive Writers Association Canada

7)      Ms. Haleema Sadia, Secretary Canadian Thinkers’ Forum

8)      Mr. Rasheed Nadeem, Poet & Activist

9)      Mr. Hafiz Tanveer, Poet & Activist

10)  Mr. Sam Zafar, Writer & Activist

11)  Mr. Naveed Lotia, Activist

12)  Mr. Jahangir, Representative Ismaili Community

13)  Mr. Ron Gerskup, Founder Hendon Park Sports Association

14)  Ms. Arooj, Artist and Radio Host

15)  Mr. Dave Dhure, Author, Philospher & Businesman

16)  Ms. Saadia Bokhari, Lawyer & Human Rights Activist

17)  Mr. Arshad Mahmood, Director South Asian Heritage Festival

18)  Ms. Goldi Steiner, Co-Founder Canadian for Israel’s Legal Rights

19)  Mr. Steven Scheffer, Never Again Group

20)  Mr. Mark Vandermass, Activist & Founder Israel Truth Week Conferences

21)  Mr. Paul Michaels, Director, Research and Senior Media Relations CIJA

22)  Ms. Toby Trompeter, Lobbyist

23)  Mr. Henri Cohen


Canadian Thinkers’ Forum is grateful for continuous support from The Middle East Forum & CIJA.

Tahir Gora


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